Join MiSOT

The MiSOT Consortium is made up of talented, high-calibre researchers who are focused on advancing mesenchymal stem therapies and bringing these technologies to the transplantation clinic. Membership to the MiSOT Consortium is coordinated through the University Hospital Regensburg; researchers wishing to join and contribute to our program of research must meet the following membership criteria. Those who are potentially eligible for membership and interested contact


Membership Criteria

a. Nomination by a current MiSOT Consortium member,

b. Principal investigators or project leaders on a mesenchymal stem cell therapies related research grant, or

c. Presented at the yearly MiSOT meeting, or

d. Published outstanding research in the field of mesenchymal stem therapies, or

e. Displays a genuine interest in bringing specialized or essential skills important to the Consortiums goals.


Applying for Consortium membership

Each applicant must summit a letter of support from an existing Consortium member (describing how the individual will contribute to the Consortium), together with evidence of meeting any additional requirements and a current curriculum vitae (including grant and funding support, if applicable). Applications should be submitted electronically to Applications may be forwarded to review by Consortium members on a case-by-case basis.